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Kitty Asstrophe
27 October 2012 @ 04:30 pm

In a word? Terrifying.

So many girls with black or red hair and facial piercings, tattoos, stockings under short shorts ... it was pretty awesome but with my blonde hair, pale skin, jeans and slightly boho-beach style, I felt like I was out of my depth.

The girls set themselves up as friendly from the beginning, getting me a drink and a brochure and letting me get myself seated and wrap my head around all these alternative women. I watched them laugh with each other and my nervousness began to subside.

Before launching into Why We Should Do Derby, once all the fresh meat had settled in, Cherry began by showing us their recent photoshoot for the league’s calendar.

he mild terror set back in; all the girls looked so confident and amazing on skates but one really struck me: VaultGirl wore a gas mask and a wig of black dreadlocks for all but one photos. She was sitting somewhere behind me at the information night and was very outspoken; normally that sort of thing doesn’t bother me because I’m an outgoing person myself, but the presence of the gas mask (even though she wasn’t wearing it on the night) freaked me the hell out.

It was a relief to note that most of the derby girls were terrible skaters before they started the training, as I too was a terrible skater.

After about an hour, we had the chance to mingle with the girls and ask questions. It was pretty interesting, though because I wasn’t feeling well I didn’t stay too much longer. I got my fresh meat information pack and went home – straight onto the Internet to look up skates.

Can’t wait for the first training session!